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What exactly are Eyelash Extensions?
Eyelash extensions are made of a virtually weightless synthetic fiber made to fit and look just like your own natural lashes. They are individually bonded to a single existing natural lash to lengthen, thicken and create a very natural yet more defined look.

Will they harm or damage my natural Lashes?
This question is very important and something we take very seriously at Bend Eyelash Extensions. Choosing an experienced, licensed and certified lash extension professional is crucial for the health and safety of your lashes. The process of applying the eyelash extensions is a very detailed and meticulous process that only an experienced, trained professional can do properly. Here at Bend Eyelash Extensions you can be sure you are choosing a salon with only the most highly trained and experienced specialists to ensure the health and safety of your lashes.

How long do they last?
Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lasting from 4-6 weeks depending on how well you take care of them and on your own lash growth cycle as the extensions are shed along with your natural lashes. Once experiencing eyelash extensions most clients choose to maintain their lashes and wear them year round. Touch-up appointments to fill in the areas that have shed are typically every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking thick, full and gorgeous.

Can I get them wet?
Yes! Eyelash extensions are water resistant. You can swim, shower, exercise and live your life with gorgeous lashes without having to apply mascara.

Can I still wear mascara?
Yes however, no longer will you HAVE to. Since the eyelash extensions already add length and a natural curl most clients do not feel the need to apply mascara. However, if you choose to, you will only need a very small amount applied to the very tips of your lashes to really dress them up!

Who can wear Eyelash Extensions?
Eyelash extensions are great for daily wear, Brides and wedding parties, special events and people in the process of growing their lashes back from hair loss. Anyone with natural lashes present to adhere an extension to can have gorgeousBendLashes.

How long does it take and what can I expect at my appointment?
We will begin your appointment with a short consultation to discuss and determine the look you desire. Your initial full set appointment takes two hours with touch up appointments lasting 1 hour. Before you leave, we will discuss home care instructions and schedule your next touch up appointment. What a great time to lay back, relax, listen to some soothing music and walk away with gorgeous lashes!

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